How to Manage Your Stash Space in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Stash Space

The wilds of Fallout 76 are a dangerous place to roam and they only get more volatile the further you explore. Sadly there is no way to increase your stash space at the time of writing this, so you’ll need to show a bit more restraint than you would in Fallout 4.

Our first tip for managing your stash’s space is simply to sell or dismantle weapons you don’t need. There are a lot of guns in the wasteland, so it’s tempting to pick them all up. This can rapidly fill your stash up, so we recommend breaking them down for parts at a workbench. If that isn’t an option, just sell these guns for a few Caps and move on.

You’re going to see a lot of guns as you play Fallout 76, so just keep reminding yourself that you’ll be using better loot every few levels. It’s vital not to just dump all your firearms into your box and move on. Unless a weapon is designated as Legendary, we don’t really recommend saving it. The same goes for Armor or clothing items, as a lot of them aren’t worth carrying around.

Another way to cut down on rapidly filling up your Stash is by selecting the right Perks. A lot of skills in this game passively reduce the weight of items by a static percentage, which can save you a ton of headaches. If you are hesitant to grab a lot of these we strongly suggest you at least nab Pack Rat at level 7 which reduces the weight of all your Junk and Bandolier at level 22 which reduces the weight of your ammo. 

Both of these can really slim down your inventory space – especially in the late game when you start acquiring rarer and better items. You need to be pickier with what you put into your inventory and bulky items like typewriters should just be sold off at Vendors. If you are looking to start building a home, we recommend taking it one step at a time.

Don’t just overload with your stash with items you might use, only collect ones you’ll actually end up needing. So when you’re building a home just look for items that are essential for the piece you are constructing right now. Fallout 76 lets you tag missing resources so when you approach objects in the world they will inform you that they have one of the missing components.

This is a slightly more time-consuming method, but it will keep your stash from becoming flooded with non-essential materials. Collect for what you are making, not what you plan to make a week from now. Unless it’s a very rare material like Ballistic Fiber, there’s no point to just having it sit in your stash and take up needed space.

It will take a few hours before you really get into the habit of managing your inventory. Because of this, it’s important that you don’t stress out about it when you begin. It’s easy to offload junk you don’t want, so don’t ever feel you’ve made an irreversible mistake. Just take it one step at a time and soon enough you’ll get the hang of what you need to grab and what’s better left in the ruins.

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