Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass Wishlist

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is doing its fanbase proud by including a massive roster of iconic characters at launch. Fans were disappointed to learn that the game’s last two revealed roster members were the last of the bunch. But those same fans soon found hope in seeing their most requested character make the game when a special announcement was made. A special Fighters Pass will update the crossover fighter post-launch with five additional characters. We don’t officially know who those new combatants will be quite yet, so we’re going to make our most requested picks be known.

Here’s a list of five characters that we hope make the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster as DLC.

Geno (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars)

Geno Super Mario RPG

Nintendo, Square

There was once a time where three of the most requested characters for Smash were deemed too impossible to make the roster – Ridley, King K. Rool, and Geno. Masahiro Sakurai, the celebrated creator behind Super Smash Bros., made sure two of those characters managed to make it into Ultimate. That just leaves one final member of that aforementioned group who’s up for consideration. And judging by how passionate his fans are, Geno joining the Ultimate roster is a must.

Geno can fulfill two positions – as the featured character from Super Mario RPG and the game’s second playable Square representative. Putting together a moveset for the Star Road warrior should be an easy task – his abilities center around his Geno Beam, Geno Boost, Geno Whirl, Geno Blast, and Geno Flash. Seeing him get outfitted with his ultimate Star Gun weapon would be the ultimate (pun intended) plus. Geno deserves to join Ridley and King K. Rool and make the impossible…possible.

Banjo & Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie)

Banjo Kazooie

Microsoft Studios, Rare

If Phil Spencer has no issue with the bear/bird combo making it into Smash, then I see no reason for Sakurai to keep him out. Before Banjo and Kazooie made their way over to the Xbox family, they hit platforming superstardom over on the Nintendo 64. Many fans thought licensing issues prevented Rare’s iconic duo from ever making it back into a Nintendo game. But Phil Spencer’s tweet put those fears to rest. The Fighters Pass is the perfect opportunity to make Banjo & Kazooie in Smash a reality (fake leaked roster list be damned!).

Banjo would be the main half of the team doing the most work, while Kazooie could pop up from time to time to assist his burly companion. Banjo can tap into his well of magic spells to keep his foes at bay. Plus he can dish out physical damage via his Forward Roll and tap into an assortment of additional ranged attacks with his many weapons/gadgets. Kazooie’s magical wrench could also come into play as well. This dream DLC character scenario is something we hope to see fulfilled.

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot

Activision, Vicarious Visions, Toys for Bob, Iron Galaxy

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s character select screen is the stuff childhood dreams are made of. Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and several more gaming mega stars are all along for the ride. With such a great selection of platforming heroes to choose from, it only makes sense for another one to join the party. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale sorely missed out on featuring Crash Bandicoot. Smash is the game that makes fan service its main priority, which means it’s the perfect candidate to give Crash fans what they want.

The orange marsupial would fit right in alongside the many gaming icons that came before him. And the only way he can possibly keep up with them is by adopting the abilities he used over the span of his first three games. Crash can do damage via his tornado spin, body splash, slide, bazooka, and hop & bop maneuver. Along with that varied lineup of attacks, Crash can tap into the power of the Aku Aku mask and really rack up some KO’s. All in all, Crash Bandicoot is ready made for Smash!

Mach Rider

Mach Rider


Many of you are drawing a blank right now at the very mention of this character. The much older collective of gamers out there know exactly who this road warrior is. This individual comes from a classic NES futuristic racer that released all the way back in 1985. So far, Smash has gone out of its way to honor the storied past of Nintendo by featuring Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt, and R.O.B. Nintendo should get even more nostalgic by making sure another 80s gaming rep gets their time to shine. The Mach Rider makes all the sense in the world as the newest retro character that deserves a 3D makeover.

The Mach Rider’s suite of skills should be easy to employ – his primary way of attacking is by firing off his trusty machine gun. Like Wario, Mach Rider has access to a bike. That bike should play some sort of role during most of his special moves, plus it’d be cool to see Oil Drums and The Quadrunners being used as assist attacks. It seemed as if Mach Rider was being considered for Melee at one point, but it never came to be. Now seems like the perfect time to reconsider Mach Rider for a starring position on the latest Smash roster.

Wonder-Red (The Wonderful 101)

Wonder Red The Wonderful 101

Nintendo, PlatinumGames

PlatinumGames’ most recognizable character, Bayonetta, also happens to be the game studio’s only rep in Smash. When considering their association with Nintendo, PlatinumGames created two exclusive main heroes for the Wii U – Jack Cayman from MadWorld and Wonder-Red from The Wonderful 101. Jack is entirely too vicious and gory in his approach to combat, which means he’s not all that compatible with Smash. As for Wonder-Red, his flashy appearance and host of abilities makes him more fitting for inclusion in Ultimate.

Wonder-Red is a powerful superhero who runs into battle with the rest of his heroic squad. On his own, he’s capable of laying out the opposition with his giant fist. The rest of his ability set could employ the assistance of P-Star and the rest of The Wonderful 101 team. It’s pretty easy to imagine Wonder-Red utilizing a Final Smash that utilizes Wonder-Blue, Wonder-Green, Wonder-Pink, Wonder-Yellow, Wonder-White, and Wonder-Black. Wonder-Red is the leader of this colorful crew, which means he should be the one taking the staring role as PlatinumGames’ next featured Smash star.

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