How to Beat The Eye in the Dark Bounty in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Eye in the Dark Bounty

A new bounty has been introduced during today’s Destiny 2 weekly reset and it has us going back to Mars. Dubbed “The Eye in the World” this foe is a Hive Shrieker that is pretty easy to kill. If you are anywhere near 600 Light then you might be able to kill this enemy before it’s able to enter the Immunity phase.

When the battle starts, several Thralls will spawn and attack you. Keep killing them until a Corrupted Thrall that’s glowing green appears. Either kill it or let it suicide into you. Once this Thrall dies, it will leave a green goo on the floor. Run through the center of this goo to get the “Scent of the Wurmgod” buff. Once you have this the Shrieker will open and begin attacking.

The only way to get this foe to open up is with this scent, so you’ll need to make sure you run through this goo to get it. Obtaining the buff can be a bit finicky, but we found it’s best to just stand in it for a few seconds. Throughout the fight, the Eye in the Dark will summon a mini-boss Hive Knight and Wizard. Make sure to kill these enemies.

This fight is actually pretty easy since the rock right by the Shrieker provides excellent cover from its energy bolts. Keeping slaying foes, obtaining the buff, and damaging the boss until this Shriker is shattered. For those going in under leveled, we recommend bringing a rocket launcher, linear fusion rifle, or grenade launcher.

Additionally, Chaos Reach, Blade Barrage, and Hammers of Sol are all excellent Supers for this fight. The latter especially if you can apply the debuff by meleeing the enemy before popping your Super. Just be patient and only challenge the Shrieker when you have recovered your health. These enemies can deal a lot of damage fast, so just be cautious and you will emerge as the victor.

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