How to Unlock Bruno in Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty Unlock Bruno Blackout

With the latest Call of Duty Black Ops 4 update, players can now unlock four of the Zombies characters. Like the Specialists, users will need to collect a specific character item and then complete a mini-quest during the course of a match. Perhaps the hardest character to unlock in all of Blackout is Bruno.

Here’s how to unlock Bruno in Call of Duty’s Blackout game mode:

1. Get Bruno’s Mug Shot Item

Your first step will require you to obtain Bruno’s Mug Shot from either a Supply Drop or the Blightfather. There’s a fair amount of RNG involved with getting this item since both of these methods can also reward you with a different character’s item. During our time playing, we found the Blightfather had a little more consistency since he only appears to drop Zombie items.

However, since the Blightfather is a limited time event, you’ll most likely resort to just raiding crates dropped from a plane. So far we have not found the Mug Shot in any cache that spawns on the map, only ones that have dropped.

2. Kill/Knock a Player Using Your Fists

This is what makes Bruno such a frustrating character to unlock because you’re bringing fists to a gun fight. If you are playing Solo you’ll have to kill someone, otherwise just knocking an enemy down in Duos or Quads will suffice. Clean up kills do not count.

Completing this step is infinitely easier in Quads and Duos than Solos. This is because you can use your friends as a distraction or a source of resources if you need certain Perks. Try to sneak up on your opponents instead of running right at them. Additionally, do everything in your power to obtain the Brawler, Skulker, and Mobility Perks. The former is the most important since it increases your damage out and gives you some sustainability.

If you’re really struggling, consider using Concussion grenades to stagger enemies so they have a harder time fighting back. The grappling hook is also good for closing the gap, especially if they aren’t paying attention. Catching your foes off guard is essential since you can quickly die in Blackout.

3. Finish With the Mug Shot in Your Inventory

The final part of the quest just requires you to finish the match with the Mug Shot in your inventory. If you manage to kill someone with your fists then you have nothing else to worry about. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as Mug Shot is still in your inventory when you die you’ll unlock Bruno. This is perhaps the most difficult character to obtain, so if you get him then give yourself a pat on the back.

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