How to Unlock Diego in Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty Unlock Diego Blackout

There are a lot of different characters you can unlock in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s multiplayer mode, Blackout. While many of them are tied to the Specialist classes, users recently gained the ability to obtain four of the protagonists to Call of Duty Zombies. Even though three of these four characters are quite hard to obtain, Diego is perhaps the easiest skin to get in the entire game.

Here’s how to unlock Diego in Call of Duty’s Blackout mode:

1. Get The Pulp Magazine

Like most characters, in order to start this quest, you’ll need to first obtain Diego’s personal item. We can confirm that you can obtain the Pulp Magazine from the corpses of dead zombies. There’s a chance that this magazine could drop from the Blightfather or the Mystery Box, but we haven’t been able to directly confirm that.

If you are looking to slay zombie then head to Asylum, the diner by Array, Lighthouse, and the gym south of Rivertown. Any place with a blue light shooting up into the sky indicates an area where the undead are roaming around. There’s no guarantee that a zombie will drop a Pulp Magazine, so you may need to kill a lot of ghouls.

2. Kill/Down an Enemy With a Headshot

The next step of this quest requires you to kill (Solo) or down an enemy (Duos/Quads) with a headshot. You only need a single headshot for this to count and if you’re required to down them they don’t even have to die. This is quite easy to pull off, especially if you’re using an assault rifle, sniper rifle, or DMR.

We recommend trying to use the SDM, Auger DMR, ABR, Paladin, Outlaw, or the Koshka. These are all extremely accurate weapons – especially when upgraded – so they can make landing a headshot quite simple. If you’re struggling with this part, try using perks such as Dead Silence or Skulker to sneak up on your enemy.

Remember, the kill feed will display a successful headshot kill with a crosshair over a skull. Once you see that then your work is completely done for this character mission.

3. Finish the Match With Pulp Magazine in Your Inventory

Finally, all you have to do after completing Step 2 is just finish the match with the Pulp Magazine in your inventory. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as you land a headshot when you have the magazine. As long as you don’t drop this item then you’ll have Diego available once the match ends.

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