How to Unlock Firebreak in Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty Unlock Firebreak Blackout

Blackout players recently received an update in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. While various weapons and modes were tuned, this patch also made several Specialist Character Missions available. One of these heroes is the area of denial character, Firebreak. Now unlockable in Blackout, Firebreak is one of the easier Specialists to obtain – especially if you’re in Quads or Duos.

Here’s how to unlock Firebreak in Call of Duty’s Blackout mode:

1. Obtain the Burned Doll

Just like the other Specialists, you’ll need to acquire a unique item that is tied to Firebreak. This is the Burned Doll, which can be found in Supply Caches that spawn around the map. Whether you get the doll or not is completely RNG, so don’t worry too much about going to a specific location to hunt for it.

Eventually during your time playing you’ll stumble across this doll. Once you do, add it to your inventory and you can move onto the next step of the quest. Remember, it’s possible to get the Burned Doll of the body of an opponent, but this is also completely luck-based. Unlike Seraph or Ruin, there’s no specific place or way to spawn his item.

2. Get a Kill or Clean Up With a Molotov

This step of the quest requires you to either get a kill or clean up a kill with a Molotov. While you can completely do this in Solos, it’s actually easier in Quads or Duos. Since most people will sprint out of the fire when it surrounds them, a downed target is way easier to burn.

If you’re going for this, wait until you knock someone down then rush over and throw a fire grenade right on top of them. This grenade does a lot of damage, so they should burn to death very quickly. You can find Molotovs anywhere, but if you’re specifically going for Firebreak just hold onto a Molotov at all times.

3. Finish the Match With the Burned Doll

The final part should be familiar to anyone who has unlocked a Blackout character. In order to obtain Firebreak you will also need to finish the match with the Burned Doll in your inventory. Do not drop it once you’ve gotten your kill with the Molotov. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, so after you get the Molotov kill just play the game out. After the match is ended you will have unlocked Firebreak!

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