How to Unlock the Lockpick in Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Unlock Lockpick

There are a lot of different tools and gadgets you can use in Hitman 2, but one of the most useful is the lockpick. A classic gadget in the Hitman series, the lockpick allows Agent 47 to break into most places as long as they don’t require a keycard. While you will get to use a lockpick in the prologue, this item is actually level locked.

When progressing through Hitman 2 you will gain experience for basically doing anything in the game. Taking down foes, discovering new areas, and even changing outfits all reward XP. Since you will typically level up 3 to 4 times at the end of a match, it’s hard to say the exact level this unlocks. However, we do know that the lockpick is between levels 5-7, which should be unlocked at the end of your first Miami playthrough.

During our time playing we couldn’t find a lockpick in any of the core missions, however, given the sheer scale of these areas there could be one tucked away. We highly recommend always having a lockpick either on Agent 47 or stashed somewhere in the world. This will ensure your ability to move freely with minimal risk.

Alongside the coin, the lockpick is one of the best tools for those trying to obtain the Silent Assassin ranking. Make sure to never leave home without it!

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