How to Unlock Nomad in Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty Unlock Nomad Blackout

Developer Treyarch has released a new update for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 that introduces a number of changes to the game. One of the new additions is the collection of character missions for the Blackout game mode. Along with Firebreak, Battery, Seraph, and Prophet, Nomad is now obtainable. Like the other Specialists, you’ll need to finish a series of steps before he becomes playable.

Here’s how to unlock Nomad in Call of Duty’s Blackout mode:

1. Obtain Juneau’s Dog Tags From Supply Caches

The first step to obtaining Nomad is finding Juneau’s Dog Tags from supply caches. These are the crates that spawn on the map in different locations. You cannot get the dog tags from crates that drop from planes. Because of this, some of our favorite areas to look at are Cargo Docks, Construction Site, and Fracking Tower.

You can also get these dog tags off anyone you kill who had them in their inventory. This is a less reliable way, but finding them in a supply cache is not a pre-requisite to unlocking Nomad. As long as they end up in your inventory, you’re golden.

2. Kill 3 Players Wearing Specialist Skins

This step is going to get progressively easier as time goes on. Once you have Juneau’s Dog Tags, you’ll be tasked with killing three players wearing Specialist skins. This includes Battery, Nomad, Ajax, Seraph, Firebreak, Crash, Prophet, Ruin, Recon, and Torque. If you kill someone with a default skin, zombie skin, or rank-based skin it will not count towards this challenge.

You’re completely at the mercy of RNG here, so don’t get to stressed if you can’t finish it. As more players unlock Specialist skins and wear them, the better chance you’ll have at unlocking Nomad. If you’re playing in Squads or Duos make sure to focus the Specialists in a team fight so your allies don’t end up killing them instead.

3. Finish the Match With Juneau’s Dog Tags In Your Inventory

The final step is to just finish the match with Juneau’s Dog Tags in your inventory. You still have to kill three players using Specialist skins, but it doesn’t matter when you complete the match. After all three of your kills are confirmed, you can just play the match out normally. It does not matter if you win, lose, or what number you place in the rankings. As long as the tags are inventory when you die, you’ll earn Nomad.

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