How to Unlock Prophet in Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty Unlock Prophet Blackout

Another wave of characters is now unlockable for Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Blackout game mode. Along with the likes of Seraph, Firebreak, Nomad, and Ruin, users can now obtain Prophet in Blackout. Getting this character may take a bit of time since it’s reliant on both RNG and your own skill. While he doesn’t ask the player to perform a crazy kill, you will need to win your match if you want to unlock him.

Here is how to unlock Prophet in Call of Duty’s Blackout mode:

1. Get the Ocular Prosthetic Item

Your first task is to obtain the Ocular Prosthetic item from a Supply Drop that is dropped from the plane. We haven’t been able to independently confirm if you can get this item from crates that spawn on the map. This is completely RNG, but our squad found the Ocular Prosthetic in a loot crate that dropped near the end of the match.

Another way to get the Ocular Prosthetic is by simply killing someone who had it. Like other character items, you can pick up and put the Prosthetic into your inventory to start the quest. The best way to hunt for Supply Drops is via a helicopter or ATV since they can cover a lot of ground fast. Make sure to bring a smoke grenade or two so you can cover your looting and escape.

2. Have 3 Perks Active When You Win

In order to unlock Prophet, you will need to not only win the match but do so with three different perks active. This part of the quest is poorly worded, so don’t just waste all your Perks before the final battle. You have to achieve victory and have three perks going for this section to count.

Because of this, if you manage to get the Ocular Prosthetic, we suggest you start collecting Perks. Once you get to the final two or three players, pop all of your Perks and try to win the match. This is actually easier in squads and duos since your partners can just suppress the last person until you’re ready to go for the kill.

We have heard conflicting reports for this step, with some players stating they unlocked him by activating their three perks earlier in the match. However, we still suggest that you play it safe and just activate your three perks when you’re about to win.

3. Achieve Victory

As mentioned above, you need to win the match to obtain Prophet in Blackout. This is easier said than done and will come down to your own skill level. If you’re having issues in Solo, consider swapping to Duos or Quads. Remember, you need to have three Perks active when you win the game otherwise you’ll earn nothing.

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