How to Make Alkane Dragée Cookies (Sloane’s Gift) in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Alkane Dragee Cookies

The Dawning winter event is in full swing and there’s some new content for Destiny 2 players to sink their teeth into. Unlike previous events, The Dawning revolves around crafting a variety of baked goods for the different vendors in the solar system. One of these items is the Alkane Dragée Cookies that are gifted to Solane. Thankfully, the ingredients for these cookies are pretty easy to obtain.

In order to make Alkane Dragée Cookies, you will need 1 part Chitin Powder, 1 part Bullet Spray, and 15 Essence of Dawning. You can obtain Chitin Powder by killing Hive enemies anywhere in the game. It doesn’t matter what activity you are playing, so we suggest just farming Hive on Titan. Eventually, you will obtain Chitin Powder from killing one.

Bullet Spray is obtained by slaying any type of enemy with either an Auto Rifle or a Machine Gun. We suggest using a Kinetic weapon for your Bullet Spray farming since you can get the elemental ingredients from Secondary or Heavy weapons. Using a Kinetic ensures that this won’t happen and it will give you a better chance at obtaining this crafting material.

Finally, you can get Essence of Dawning from completing challenges, turning in bounties, or finishing activities. This is very easy to come by, but if you really need to farm some we recommend playing either Mayhem in the Crucible or doing Public Events. Both yield a large amount of Essence of Dawning despite how quick these activities can be.

After you have all of the ingredients just put them into your oven and your Alkane Dragée Cookies will be ready for Sloane.

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