Atlas Actually Comes Out Today (Updated!)

Atlas Release Date

After two delays and a lot of fan disappointment mixed with excitement, Atlas is finally coming out today, for real.

Atlas was originally shown off during The Game Awards 2018 as a pirate MMO from the creators of Ark. If Ark is anything to go off this means players will have a lot of freedom when it comes to their characters and what they do.

This could also mean the game will need a lot of optimization even after its launch which could be part of the reason it has been delayed twice already and will be launching into Early Access on Steam.

Once the game actually launches today, it will surely be a big hit on Twitch as several top streamers such as Lirik and Summit1G were looking to play the game on Wednesday.

The game’s official Twitter said staggered invites will be going out to content creators first that will allow the team to see the effect it has on the servers. Don’t worry about these creators getting a head start on the game over you as their progress will be wiped before the game launches.

We still don’t have an exact launch time according to the developers on Twitter and the Steam page doesn’t currently have any information regarding that or even an option to purchase the game.

The launch time on Wednesday was supposed to be at 6 p.m. EST so it could be possible we’re looking at a similar launch time today. Nothing has been shared regarding that so we’ll just have to play the waiting game and hope there’s not another delay.

If Atlas is able to deliver on its excellent looking extended gameplay trailer then it looks like the developers will have a real hit on their hands. We’ll know for certain once Atlas launches later today.


Sounds like Atlas will be coming out tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

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