How to Make Dark Chocolate Motes (Drifter’s Gift) in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Dark Chocolate Motes Recipe

Alright, alright, alright it’s time to bake some chocolatey treats. The Dawning event is officially underway and developer Bungie is tasking users with making different gifts for various Destiny 2 NPCs. One of the items you’ll make is the Dark Chocolate Motes for the Drifter. Thankfully, creating this consumable is significantly less dangerous than a match of Gambit.

To make Dark Chocolate Motes you will need 1 part Taken Butter, 1 part Null Taste, and 15 Essence of Dawning. You can acquire Taken Butter by killing Taken enemies anywhere in the game. This isn’t activity specific, so any place where Taken spawn is ripe for farming. We suggest just killing them in the Dreaming City since they appear quite frequently in the starting Patrol zone.

As for Null Taste, this is obtained by slaying enemies with Void Abilities or Void Weapons. During our time farming ingredients, we found that Void Supers kills produced this ingredient the most. Because of this, we suggest dropping into a match of Mayhem since it’s so easy to get Super kills in this mode.

Essence of Dawning is the easiest crafting material to get since you’re rewarded it for completing activities, bounties, or challenges. If you really are starving for this ingredient just compete in Mayhem matches or finish Public Events. They offer a lot of Essence of Dawning and require very little effort.

Once you have all of your ingredients just put them into your oven and bake your new treat.

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