Dead by Daylight Winter Solstice Event Begins Today

Dead by Daylight Winter Solstice


Dead by Daylight has officially started its Winter event today called the Winter Solstice.

This event will run from today until January 3 so there will be a lot of opportunities to check this event out. As a reminder to how it’s cold outside, the main menu of Dead by Daylight will now have snow falling.

A variety of changes have come with this event such as the Mystery Boxes on your Bloodweb being turned into Mystery Presents. These presents give players a better chance to get a rare item, such as an insta-heal for your medkit. These presents show up in bunches on each Bloodweb so you’re sure to run into several of them as you go through the webs.

You might notice many of the killers in the games have the Frosty Eyes cosmetic and now that cosmetic will be available for the Spirit, Clown and Legion for free. Those eyes are going to come in handy because the survivors will have access to the Winter Party Starter that can be detonated in the killer’s face in an effort to blind them.

Perhaps the most exciting of all is the inclusion of Double Bloodpoints into the event. Unfortunate we still have to wait 10 days for the Double Bloodpoints even though the event officially started today. Double Bloodpoints will run from December 27 to January 3.

If you were hoping this event would have something like special hooks and generators then it seems like you’re out of luck. The hooks will be decorated with Christmas lights but they will not give you bonus Bloodpoints like the BBQ hooks from the Summer BBQ event did.

This might be disappointing to some players but this will at least discourage players from farming every match.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Christmas sweaters will be coming for the survivors and it doesn’t look like the killers are getting anything other than the Frosty Eyes.

Dead by Daylight is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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