Diablo 3 Season 15 End Date (Updated!)

Diablo 3 Season 15 End Date


The 15th season of Diablo 3 is wrapping up which means players will have to get their final Greater Rift runs in while they still can if they want to keep climbing the seasonal leaderboard.

According to Blizzard the current end date for Season 15 is looking like it will be December 16.

Blizzard has extended Season 15 into January.

In order to ensure a smooth transition between Seasons, and give players extra time to enjoy the Double Bounty Cache buff, we will be ending Season 15 on January 6. With this, Season 16 is scheduled to begin on January 11.

As a quick heads-up, we will also be resetting the current Era leaderboards on January 11, so you’ve still got some time to push for that final leaderboard placement before the rollover occurs!

This means players have a short time to get everything done that they want to get done. There are some rewards players are able to get if they complete all of the seasonal journey which will carry over into non-seasonal play.

  • All players who reach level 70 on a hero in Season 14 will unlock exclusive transmogrification appearances for legs and boots. These appearances will unlock immediately upon hitting level 70 on a Seasonal hero, and will be available on Seasonal and non-Seasonal heroes alike (even before the Season concludes). To access your new appearances, simply visit Myriam the Mystic and open the Transmogrification tab.
  • Players can also earn portrait frames and an exclusive cosmetic pennant for completing various chapters of the Season Journey.

Items that are in your Seasonal stash will be sent through the in-game mail system to your non-Seasonal heroes. These items can be claimed by any non-Seasonal hero up to 30 days from the time you first log in after the Season ends. To access these items on PC, enter a game and hit the Mail icon located in the lower left corner of your screen to open your inbox. Console players can do the same by visiting the mailbox found in any town hub. Your gold will transfer over as well.

Season 15 saw the launch of Diablo 3 on the Nintendo Switch and although Switch players didn’t have the full season under their belt they were still able to get some runs in.

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