FNBRLeaks Twitter Deleted After Epic Demand: What Happened?

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The popular Twitter account @FNBRLeaks was deleted on Thursday, December 13 after receiving a demand letter from Epic Games, according to FNBRLeaks. Preston, the owner of the account, also deleted his YouTube, Discord, Instagram, and Github accounts in response to Epic’s demand. According to FNBRLeaks, a lawyer from Epic threatened legal action if he did not take down all his accounts.  Here’s what we know so far about what happened. Epic Games has not made a statement publicly about what happened.

If you’re coming late and seeing that FNBRLeaks’ accounts are gone, here’s what happened and what we know so far.

On Thursday, December 13, FNBRLeaks posted the following tweets:

FNBRLeaks Deleted

TwitterFNBRLeaks Deleted

The full message was posted on TwitLonger:



FNBRLeaks wrote: “I am not going to go into specifics with this, but. Due to the request of an Epic Games Attorney who i’m not going to disclose, my Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, and GitHub must be deleted, or else they will take action. Thank you all for the support and followers over my 7 month span of the FNBRLeaks twitter. Sadly, everything comes to an end. Thank you, Preston aka FNBRLeaks.”

FNBRLeaks had more than 243,000 followers on Twitter. His last tweet read: “<3 #FNBRLeaks bye.”


Although it’s not clear exactly what was threatened in the demand letter, it appears that Epic Games demanded that FNBRLeaks (aka Fornite: Battle Royale Leaks) delete all his content or face future legal action. FNBRLeaks frequently posted leak content to social media accounts, using methods such as data mining to find out Epic Games’ plans for Fortnite before Epic Games announced them. The account had become a frequent source for media articles and online discussions.

Four months ago, a thread on Reddit discussed how FNBRLeaks had just found “a new method to find out future items” and included Daily Items the account predicted before they were released in Fortnite’s shop.

This isn’t the first time FNBRLeaks has faced trouble based on the content he was sharing. Earlier, he had posted that his Google account had been disabled because “it violated Google’s policies.” The post is no longer available but you can see it on a cache. Here’s what he wrote on his Twitter account when it happened. He shared Google’s message and commented, “Epic Really out her tryna destroy me (this is my main email.)”


He then added: “If you don’t know what’s going on here, Epic Games got my YT Terminated, then since my YT got terminated, they’re deciding to delete my whole email w/ everything connected to it.”

Not everyone was sympathetic at the time. One person shared a Pikachu meme that read: “Leakers: *does something they shouldn’t* Epic: *bans them* Leakers: [Pikachu meme].”

Twitter/Billy Williams

Others were confused by the post and one person, @AFTWYOUTUBE, responded: “I don’t wanna jinx it but the lawsuit is close bro.”

It’s not clear if Google’s previous action is in any way related to what just happened today, but it shows that FNBRLeaks has been having some issues for awhile.

On Reddit’s Fortnite subreddit, commenters are already sharing their sadness about the news. “Who is going to leak stuff for us now?” one commenter asked. 

This is a developing story.

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