Fortnite Infinity Blade Becomes Divisive in Community

Fortnite Infinity Blade

Epic Games

Fortnite has introduced a shiny new sword with its latest patch called the Infinity Blade.

This new weapon can be found at the new Season 7 location Polar Peaks and it will allow the player who obtains it to get a health buff and become a very formidable opponent to the rest of the players in the game.

Once you pull the sword you’ll be buffed to 200 health and 200 shield making you have twice as health and shield than the rest of the players in the game. If you played during the Thanos event this will sound very familiar as that event did something similar with the buffs, except this time you don’t turn into Thanos.

The blade is able to cut through pretty much any structure with ease and with it dealing 75 damage with each hit, the sword is pretty tough to defend against.

The Infinity Blade was on full display during the Winter Royale as a clip circulated with more than 347,000 views on Twitter showing a player absolutely annihilate the remaining players in the which forces us to wonder whether the Infinity Blade should be a new game mode entirely.

The Thanos event was an LTM which made sense since he was so powerful. Wielding the Infinity Blade doesn’t make you quite as powerful so if it did become an LTM then we’d expect to see your health and shield get boosted to higher levels.

When you grab the sword for the first time it feels pretty good as you feel like an unstoppable killing machine. The problem with that is this sword only feels fun and fair when you’re the one wielding it.

The major issue with the sword is there aren’t many counters to it. In most situations, you’d be able to build up and get some cover but the Infinity Blade tears through structures making that a less than viable strategy.

Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem but it ends up being one since the Winter Royale,  which rewards players with real money, is going on. The Infinity Blade doesn’t really require a ton of skill to use which adds a lot of randomness to these Winter Royale matches where some of the matches won’t result in the best player winning if the sword keeps playing a factor.

If you browse through r/FortniteBR you’ll see many threads discussing the Infinity Blade, such as declaring Balloons are the counter, others confirming how strong the sword is or asking for it to be removed or made into an LTM.

We know Epic Games reads the subreddit so we’re sure they are gathering feedback on the Infinity Blade. Whether that means a change is on the way remains to be seen. For the time being, you can enjoy the Infinity Blade in normal playlists and hope you get to it first.

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