Imperius is Coming to Heroes of the Storm PTR (HotS)

Imperius Heroes of the Storm HOTS

The newest character for Heroes of the Storm has been leaked and it’s one of the Diablo series’ most formidable angels. Named Imperius, this protagonist made his first appearance in Diablo III. His most memorable moment was battling Diablo outside of Heaven only to lost and almost be killed. Now he is headed to the Nexus as Heroes of the Storms newest champion.

Revealed on Heroes of the Storm’s official Portuguese Twitter account, the post explains that Imperius will be available to try on January 2 via the PTR. There’s no information on what Imperius might be or any of his abilities. Keep in mind this date could change since it wasn’t announced on the main social media accounts. However, Blizzard has a pretty long track record with international Twitter accounts announcing new content.

We suspect that Imperius will be either a Tank or Assassin, but the former is more likely. Given this appears to be an accidental announcement, details on Imperius’ skills will probably be announced sometime on Monday or right before he goes live on Tuesday.

This reveal follows the news that Blizzard will be drastically scaling back their work on Heroes of the Storm. While new heroes will continue to be introduced, they have effectively halted any major esports events around this game – most notably Heroes of the Dorm.

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