How to Get Le Monarque (Exotic Bow) in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Get Le Monarque

A new update for Destiny 2 has recently released and it brought another wave of content to the game. While the meat of the patch is the new Izanami Forge on Nessus, Bungie has also made the Exotic bow, Le Monarque, available for players to acquire. However, obtaining this Exotic is a little different than others in Forsaken.

Le Monarque can drop as an additional reward from any of the Powerful Weapon Frames in any of the forges. Bungie confirmed this in a post on Twitter that Le Monarque can drop when trying to forge any of the weapon frames that are powerful. These are either ones tied to quests such as Heavy Machine Gun or ones that you use Ballistic Logs to acquire. We can also confirm that any forge will drop this weapon, as we got ours making a Powerful Heavy Machine Gun in the Volundr Forge.

If you plan to try and obtain Le Monarque, we suggest that you be a minimum of 615 Light  and do all of the Powerful Weapon Frame quests every week. Outside of quest specific ones, you should have 6 attempts a week if you posses three characters at the appropriate Light Level. There have been reports of people getting Le Monarque from blue weapon blueprints, but this is either false information or a bug. The weapon is clearly tied to the Powerful Weapon Frames offered by Ada-1.

For the unfamiliar, Le Monarque is a Void Bow that fires poison arrows after a full draw. If you land a precision hit a cloud of poison will spawn and damage enemies around the afflicted target. This makes a potent PvE and PvP weapon that can rapidly take out groups of foes and pour damage onto challenging enemies.

It may take some time, but if you keep at it Le Monarque will be all yours.

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