How to Get the Meyrin’s Vision Emblem in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Meyrins Vision Emblem

Another Destiny 2 secret emblem has been uncovered in the Volundr Forge, so it’s time to venture back to the EDZ and claim the Meyrin’s Vision. Before we get into the guide, we want to give a big shoutout to the folks over at r/raidsecrets for figuring this out.

Before you go for this emblem you’ll need to have unlocked the Izanami Forge and The Spiteful Fang bow. The former is obtained by completing a rather long quest that triggers by killing Vex on Nessus. As for the bow, you can only unlock The Spiteful Fang after you open the Izanami Forge. Remember to grab the Black Armory bow frame from Ada-1 once you have a Ballistic Log.

After the bow is obtained, head to the Volundr Forge in the EDZ and clear out the Cabal. You will need to use the sights of The Spiteful Fang to see glowing blue markings on the walls and floor. To obtain this you have to stand on the glowing blue butterfly symbol while destroying different emblems scattered across the room. Be very careful with your shots and make sure to not hit the emblems in the wrong order.

Here’s a clip from Twitch streamer Teawrex that shows exactly where you need to stand the order the symbols are shot in.

Remember, you will be changing where you stand halfway through shooting the emblems. It’s vital that you stand on these emblems otherwise it won’t count your shot and you’ll need to start over. After the last symbol is hit on the wall you will obtain the Meyrin’s Vision emblem!

We do recommend getting this emblem because there’s a running theory that these are tied to a future quest. With the fourth Lost Forge set to launch in January, obtaining all of these hidden emblems could be a step in the quest. Make sure to grab Meyrin’s Vision once you have the bow.

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