Santa Clown & Christmas Sweaters Come to Dead by Daylight


For those who have lost hope in Christmas sweaters coming to Dead by Daylight in time for Christmas then we have some good news for you.

The next time you fire up Dead by Daylight you’ll get a notification that Christmas sweaters are available for survivors but one thing that might catch your eye is the Santa skin that is available for the clown.

The new Santa cosmetic takes the Clown and puts him in full Santa Claus garb which might leave survivors wondering if the killer is the clown or just jolly old Saint Nick.

These cosmetics are available now in store and will accept payment in the form of shards or cells, like most other cosmetics found in the shop.

Santa Clown Dead by Daylight

In the midst of these releases is the Winter Solstice event that gives Dead by Daylight’s menu and in-game features some Christmas-like makeovers. The lockers and hooks in-game are decked out with Christmas lights to really get you into the mood for the holiday season.

Although Double Bloodpoints did not start with this event we are still going to see Double Bloodpoints show up near the end of the event. This will give players plenty of opportunities to dump points into their bloodwebs. Also with the bloodwebs come with Mystery Presents. These presents give players a better chance to get a rare item, such as an insta-heal for your medkit, for example.

The Legion, Spirit and Clown have received the Frosty Eyes cosmetic for this event free of charge. Now you can deck the Clown out in full Santa gear to go along with the Frosty Eyes.

Dead by Daylight is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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