Tekken 7 Season Pass 2: Marduk, Armor King, & Julia Revealed Plus Negan Gameplay Trailer

The Top Eight of the World Tekken Finals tournament was in full swing today (December 2).

Before they could get underway though, a special announcement was made. Bandai Namco’s own Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray showed up in front of the live crowd and viewing audience at home to reveal the next batch of characters coming to Tekken 7. The MMA behemoth known as Craig Marduk, the powerhouse wrestler named Armor King, and the martial artist/environmentalist who goes by the name of Julia Chang are all joining Tekken 7’s roster. In an even nicer surprise, Harada revealed that Craig Marduk and Armor King will be available for download the very next day (December 3).

Julia Chang wasn’t shown off extensively via a gameplay reveal trailer of her own, but The Walking Dead’s Negan was bestowed that distinct honor. In a cool nod to the AMC original series he stars in, Negan reenacted his most infamous scene with a slew of Tekken characters. His stage even takes place within the dark woods where that gory moment took place. Negan can be seen utilizing his spiked baseball bat in an especially brutal fashion against Tekken 7’s massive roster. No release dates have been announced for Julia Chang and Negan as of this writing.

So it looks like the entirety of Tekken 7’s Season 2 DLC has been revealed – Anna Williams, Lei Wulong, Craig Marduk, Armor King, Julia Chang, and Negan from The Walking Dead.

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