How to Unlock Inkling in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Unlock Inkling

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has officially released and there are an insane amount of characters you can unlock. Both new and old, Nintendo has put together an impressive roster for this game. One of the newest characters is the Inkling from the Splatoon series.

Perhaps one of the most powerful newcomers in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Inkling offers players a ton of combo potential. Thankfully, unlocking this fighter is supremely easy and you should be able to add this combatant to your roster in under thirty minutes.

The fastest and easiest way to obtain Inkling is just by beating Classic Mode with Samus once. This will trigger her appearance and you’ll need to beat the Inkling to unlock her. It doesn’t matter what difficulty you set Classic Mode on or if you end up using any Continues along the way.

Another method for unlocking Inkling is just by completing matches in any mode outside of Online. This fighter is the fifth to appear so it will take roughly 10-12 matches before the Inkling arrives. Once this happens all you have to do is win the fight and she will be instantly added to your roster.

For the fight, we recommend getting aggressive and not giving the A.I. a chance to keep you at a safe distance. Don’t take any big risks in this fight, especially since she can root you into the ground with her roller. Inkling can easily kill a foe who doesn’t respect her ability to output a ton of damage. With a little time and patience, she will be yours to use freely.

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