How to Unlock IX Bruno in Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty Blackout Unlock IX Bruno

A new update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has arrived and it’s bringing a variety of skins, cosmetics, and even a new Specialist. Blackout fans received some needed weapon rebalancing, an armored vehicle, new drop location, and a variety of characters to play as. Four of these characters are tied to the IX Zombie map and are unlocked by completing their specific character missions.

Here’s how to unlock IX Bruno in Call of Duty Blackout:

1) Get the Lion Pauldron Character Item

Just like other character missions, you will need to obtain IX Bruno’s unique item to start this quest. Called the Lion Pauldron, this item is obtainable via the Mystery Box after killing all the zombies in a location. So far we haven’t been able to confirm if it can drop from the undead, so just focus on unlocking the Mystery Box.

There are a variety of locations this box can spawn, but we recommend dropping at either the diner near Array or the graveyard by Asylum. Both of these locations are remote enough that you shouldn’t have to fight a ton of people. Try to use a suppressed weapon – or the snowballs if you are reading this during the Absolute Zero event – so you don’t give away your position. Remember, the Lion Pauldron isn’t a guaranteed drop and you could get a different character item.

2) Down an Enemy With a Combat Axe and Clean Them Up

The only major part of IX Bruno’s character mission revolves around knocking an enemy down with a Combat Axe. This is easier said than done since you typically only have one shot at landing a successful Combat Axe throw. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that you’ll even find a Combat Axe, so there’s some luck involved with this quest.

For this part, we recommend using Skulker or Dead Silence to sneak up on your foes. Try to take out someone who is already engaged in a firefight with another person. Since the Combat Axe effectively ignores armor, you just need to make sure your throw is successful. You can also use Concussion Grenades to disorientate enemies before throwing.

Remember you have to clean up the kill after you knock them down with the Combat Axe. If you don’t do this then this step of the character mission will be registered as incomplete.

3) Finish the Match With the Lion Pauldron

The last step requires you to just finish the match with the Lion Pauldron in your inventory. It doesn’t matter where you place, so once you get your Combat Axe kill just finish the match. No matter what, do not remove the Lion Pauldron from your inventory otherwise you’ll lose the quest. After you complete the match, IX Bruno will be unlocked and you can equip him in Blackout.

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