How to Earn Best Served Cold & Blood For Blood Medals in Destiny 2

destiny 2 blood for blood best served cold

The final major piece of content for Destiny 2’s Season of the Forge has dropped and it’s tasking players with obtaining the famous Last Word hand cannon. Locked behind a multi-step quest, Guardians will need to venture high and low if they want his famous weapon. While some of the steps are pretty simple, others will take a bit of time to complete.

One of these steps requires players to earn Blood for Blood and Best Served Cold medals. Tied to the Crucible, these are circumstantial medals that reward players to for acting out revenge in the name of their team. Blood for Blood is obtained by defeating a foe who just defeated an ally, while Best Served Cold is given out to those who land the final blow on the last person who killed you. 

Both of these are pretty easy to obtain, but you shouldn’t expect to get a large amount of them during a single match. This part might be easier in a full fireteam since you can run in pairs and “sacrifice” someone so the other can earn a Blood for Blood medal. It’s not an eloquent solution, but one of the very few ways to actually control how to get these medals.

For those playing by themselves, we recommend letting someone kill you and then hunting them down. This is a way more consistent method, even if your K/D will suffer a bit. Just remember to play a bit more passive and remember the name of the opponent who defeated you. Securing your revenge should be your top priority once you respawn, especially if you want to get The Last Word as quickly as possible.

With some patience and a bit of luck, this step should be over soon.

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