How to Get the Black Armory Key Mold in Destiny 2

destiny 2 black armory key mold

Destiny 2’s latest update is now live and it’s introducing another wave of content tied to the Black Armory DLC. One of the most important additions is the fourth and final key to the Mysterious Box that users received way back at the start of the new season. Unlike the other keys, this one isn’t directly tied to shooting drones in the fourth forge. Instead, users will need to hunt down the Black Armory Key Mold first and then complete a series of quests.

Thankfully, getting the mold is really simple, especially since the Niobe Labs completion is no longer required to visit the Bergusia Forge. In order to obtain the Black Armory Key Mold just visit Ada-1 and she will hand it to you. We aren’t sure if you need the other keys for the Mystery Box to have Ada-1 offer this up. However, she is your one and only source, so make sure to check with her the next time you load in.

Once you have it, go to the Leviathan (It’s located on the Nessus map now) and enter the underbelly via the secret code. After this, just search the area until you stumble across the Watcher robots. These are the sentries with light up eyes that scan specific rooms. Just kill them to obtain Watcher Lenses and progress to the next step of the quest.

The second step revolves around opening world chests, strike chest, or completing Public events. World chests reward %1, Public Events give players 5% and completing Strikes net players 20%. For this section, we suggest just grinding Public Events since they can go pretty fast, especially if you are diligent about moving around right as one is about to start or as just begun. This will take a bit of time, so don’t feel pressured to just blaze through it in one go.

Finally, you will need to complete an ignition of the Bergusia Forge with “Maximum Temper.” This achieved by destroying the two drones that fly around pillars during the second wave. They are a little above eye level, but you shouldn’t have trouble spotting them. Once both are destroyed, just finish the forge and kill the boss to complete the final step. Keep in mind, the Bergusia Forge has a recommend Light of 650 so make sure you’re prepared for this encounter.

After this is finished, you will earn the Black Armory Key and obtain a new quest that revolves around getting the Izanagi’s Burden Exotic sniper.

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