How to Change and Equip Abilities in Kingdom Hearts 3

kingdom hearts 3 abilities

As you make your way through Kingdom Hearts 3, there will a lot of powerful enemies standing in your way. Both new and old, these foes will prove to be quite a challenge to those hoping they can button mash their way through fights. Thankfully, Sora and his friends have all new abilities they can unlock and equip any time they aren’t in battle.

During your time with Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora and his pals will earn experience and level up after battles. As their strength increases, they will earn AP points which allows them to add more abilities and skills. Every ability has an AP number associated with it such as Block costing 2 AP points and a Counter Slash totaling 4 AP points. You can equip as many abilities as you want as long as they do not exceed your total AP total.

This makes balancing Sora’s skills critical since you will be pretty restricted when the game starts. In order to change your abilities around, go to the menu and then select the “Abilities” tab. From here, pick which party member you want to alter and you will be shown a list of skills they currently have. Any ability with an orange circle over the stars is one that is currently equipped.  You can see the amount of AP points this ability costs on the right, along with how many points they have in total under their picture.

Sora, Goofy, and Donald will unlock new skills as they level up and progress through the game. Because of this, it’s critical that you keep going into this section and check what new powers have unlocked. There’s a lot of customization options for how you want to use Sora in combat, so feel free to experiment. Since there’s no penalty for equipping and de-equipping skills, it’s important to find a playstyle that suits you.

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