How to Solve the Chess Piece Puzzle in Resident Evil 2 Remake

resident evil 2 remake chess piece puzzle

Resident Evil 2 remake has just released and there are a ton of new puzzles for players to solve. While some are simple combination locks, others are a little more involved and will require you to think a bit. Perhaps the trickiest puzzle revolves around placing 6 unique chess pieces in six electrical outlets to unlock a door. Located in the Monitor Room in the Sewers, users will need to obtain the chess pieces before being able to complete this puzzle. Thankfully, you’ll stumble across them as you explore the sewers.

Once you have all six – including the three that are there when you arrive, you will need to put them in the right order. For those wanting to solve it on their own, there is a riddle on the table between the electronic boxes. However, you don’t need to read the riddle for this puzzle to be solved, so just put the pieces in the places we’ve listed below.

Locked Door Wall:

  • Left – Bishop
  • Middle – Rook 
  • Pawn – Right

Adjacent Wall

  • Left – King
  • Middle – Queen
  • Right – Pawn

After all six pieces are correctly placed the door will unlock and you can go to the next location. We strongly recommend saving and healing up before you go into the next area, as there is a tough fight ahead of you. Remember, this is the only order the pieces will go in so don’t worry about the riddle being different. Once you have the door opened, you can either leave the pieces there or just put them back in your storage box.