Cross-Play Support is Live on Rocket League

rocket league cross play

Rejoice Rocket League players, for full cross-platform suppot has officially arrived. Announced today on Rocket League’s website, players can now game with each other regardless if you’re on Steam, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PS4. Dubbed the “PlayStation Cross-Play Beta,” users can now enjoy this hectic and competitive game, regardless of what Online mode you prefer.

Keep in mind, you cannot form cross-platform parties at the time of writing this. However, players won’t have to wait for long, since the ability to form parties with anyone will drop sometime this year. The date currently hasn’t been released, but developer Psyonix aims to implement this feature with Rocket League’s first update this year.

For those looking to play with others via cross-platform, this feature should automatically be enabled. If this isn’t the case, go to the Main Menu and select the Options tab. From here go to Gameplay and then make sure that Cross-Platform Play is enabled. This will allow you to matchmake with anyone on any platform. You can also host cross-play private matches, even if the party matchmaking component hasn’t been added yet.

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