Dead by Daylight Lunar New Year Moonrise Event Details

dead by daylight moonrise


Dead by Daylight’s holiday event may have just wrapped up but that isn’t stopping the developers from starting up their Lunar New Year event.

The Lunar New Year event, titled Moonrise, has been discovered in the current PTB so BHVR has released some of the information about the upcoming event.

The event sounds a lot like the Hallowed Blight event which required survivors to harvest nectar and killers to put survivors special hooks. Moonrise will make survivors gather Lunar Vessels which will reward players with points that will lead into Golden Coins. It sounds like the killers will be tasked with destroying these vessels based on the announcement.

Players are then able to take and exchange these coins for the Lunar New Year Cosmetics: 9 items total (or 3 full character outfits). When the event ends players have a couple of days to spend all their Golden Coins. After this, the Lunar Cosmetics will stay available in the store using Auric Cells.

In this regard, it sounds very similar to the Hallowed Blight event which created a lot of negative feedback. Killer lobbies became downright unbearable and adding in the pods really slowed the game to a crawl which is something the developers have talked about doing but probably not to that degree.

What the Hallowed Blight did give us is some more lore and background into who the Entity really is. We also got a pretty cool cutscene showing the Trapper being infused with the nectar. Hopefully, the Moonrise event will shed more light on the lore like the event before it.

More information about the Moonrise event will be revealed in the coming weeks so we’ll be able to update you with more information as it becomes available.

Dead by Daylight is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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