Where to Find the Portal in Diablo 3 Darkening of Tristram

diablo 3 darkening of tristram


The annual Darkening of Tristram event has returned to Diablo 3.

This is the third time it has come back around now and it gives players a well-deserved breath of fresh air in the game.

If this is your first time doing the event allow us to catch you up to speed with it. This time-exclusive event allows players to teleport back to the world of Diablo 1, complete with pixelated graphics and clunky controls, to take down the OG Lord of Destruction.

The event ends January 31 so players will have the entire month to access this event if they choose to go back to it. If you’re a new Nintendo Switch player then you might want to give the event a look since you’re rewarded with a nice Butcher pet.

To find this portal you’ll have to be in Adventure Mode and head to Old Tristram. You can find this by teleporting to the Old Ruins. From here you will have to wander around until you find the portal by the fountain.

There are a variety of bosses you’ll come across in this 16-level dungeon such as The Butcher, Skeleton King, Lazarus and eventually Diablo. It’s also an excellent way to level up a fresh character as there are tons of enemies and you’ll get some decent loot by completing it. You can also make multiple runs so do it to your heart’s content.

It’s a little disappointing to see this event locked to just the month of January as it’s some of the best content the game has to offer. Outside of an official remake or remaster of Diablo 1 this is closest players can get to a Diablo 1-esque game with today’s engine.

Diablo 3 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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