How to Get the Diamond Key in Resident Evil 2 Remake

resident evil 2 remake diamond key

As you explore Resident Evil 2 remake, players will be tasked with slaying hordes of the undead and solving various puzzles. One of the core aspects of the Resident Evil 2 remake is finding different keys that unlock new areas for users to explore. Hidden all throughout the game, finding these keys is imperative to your success.

While the Spade Key is given out fairly early, you’ll need to progress a few hours until the Diamond Key is available. Hidden in the basement of the Racoon City Police Department, you can find the Diamond Key in the Morgue. This location will not change regardless if you start the main campaign as either Leon or Claire. Once you arrive in the parking garage, head to the east side and make your way to the Morgue via the hallway and Kennels.

Upon entering, immediately kill the sitting zombie to your left and pick up the note on the table. Now look at the left side of the room and open up the first to the left mortuary cabinet. Inside is a dead body in a green jumpsuit along with the Diamond Key by his hand. Pick up the key and get ready to move as soon as it’s placed in your inventory.

That body will turn into a zombie and attempt to attack you. After you slay the ghoul, feel free to open the rest of the cabinets in this room. You can find a Flashbang and Red Herb in the cabinets on the right side of the room. Now that you have the Diamond Key get out there and start exploring more of the RCPD. Those rooms won’t unlock themselves!

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