How to Get the Grenade Launcher in Resident Evil 2 Remake

resident evil 2 remake grenade launcher

There are a fair amount of weapons in the Resident Evil 2 remake, but one of the most powerful is the grenade launcher. Tied specifically to Claire, this weapon is obtainable pretty early on and is one of the best weapons in her arsenal.

Located in the Safety Deposit Room on the first floor, the grenade launcher is locked behind bulletproof glass. In order to unlock this weapon, you will need to obtain the Weapon’s Locker Key which can be found in the Art Room. You can only enter the Art Room once you’ve acquired the Spade Key which is on the third floor.

After you get this item, make your way to the Waiting Room and unlock the backdoor to the hallway. Now go left and enter the first door on your right. Once you’re in the Art Room, pick up the Weapon’s Locker Key and make your way back to the Safety Deposit Room. You can now use this keycard to unlock the storage locker holding the Grenade Launcher.

This is one of Claire’s best weapons because it fires both flame and acidic rounds that can devastate most enemies in the game. Despite having a slower reload than other guns, the grenade launcher is capable of killing a Licker in two shots and stunning Tyrant in three.

Additionally, you can make ammo for this weapon by combining Gun Powder and High-Grade Gunpowder. There is no recipe for flame rounds sadly, so try to hang onto those for bosses or the late game. Acidic rounds are just as effective and you can at least craft them.

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