How to Beat the Ice Storm Challenges in Fortnite

fortnite ice storm challenges

Fortnite’s latest live event has just concluded and the entire map is covered in snow. Brought on by the Ice King, players will have to deal with this altered environment, which features fog and hordes of Icy Fiends. Epic Games has also included 13 unique challenges that are tied to the Ice Storm event. Anyone who beats all 13 challenges will unlock a new glider.

For those unfamiliar with how Fortnite’s event challenges work, they cannot all be completed right away. Instead, every day, Epic Games releases two more until all of them are unlocked. Because of this, we will be updating this post daily with how to finish the other Ice Storm challenges. Additionally, seven of the challenges were leaked ahead of time.

We will be including them below, but there is a chance Epic Games alters the requirements. Because of this, take any of the challenges listed with (Leak) after it with a grain of salt.

If you want this dark sleigh glider than here’s what you need to do:

1) Complete 6 Ice Storm Challenges

The first challenge is one you are currently unable to complete. This will only be available on the third day of the event which is Monday. To unlock this step, all you have to do is finish 6 other challenges that specifically from the Ice Storm event. No Daily or Weekly challenges will count towards your progress.

2) Destroy 250 Ice Fiends

Just like the Cube Fiends, these zombie-like monsters will spawn from large, blue crystals that are scattered throughout the map. They come in different varieties, but all are pretty weak. The real challenge isn’t getting killed while you are farming these Icy Fiends. We recommend going to a remote, named location that is far away from the bus’ initial path.

This should ensure a much lower chance of having to deal with other players while you’re shooting these beasts. Make sure to use explosives and automatic weapons, as these are the best ways to quickly dispatch groups of them. If you have traps, you can also try funneling them into a “kill box” for easy disposal.

Remember, the Icy Fiends won’t spawn right away, you’ll have to wait a few seconds before the crystals start materializing.

3) Deal 5,000 Explosive Damage to Ice Fiends

This challenge is also pretty simple and will unlock as you simply play the game. In order to finish this step, you’ll need to deal a total of 5,000 explosive damage to Icy Fiends. Explosives include grenade launchers, rocket launchers, grenades, and dynamite. If you are using dynamite we suggest throwing it at your feet and backing up since it has a rather long fuse.

One good place to farm is near Lonely Lodge, as we found three crystals on the north side that were pretty close to one another. Remember, you can also use planes or other vehicles to scout out locations for where the Ice Fiends spawn.

4) Deal 10,000 Damage With Assault Rifles or Pistols to the Ice Legion

Our next challenge revolves around dealing damage to the undead horde with Assault Rifles or Pistols. This is far and away the easiest weapon challenge to complete since these weapon archetypes are very common. One of the best weapons for killing the Ice Fiends is the Heavy Assault rifle since you can stay away from the horde and pick them off as they charge you.

5) Kill 100 Ice Brutes

This challenge is going to take a bit of time since you have to kill a specific variety of Ice Fiends. For the unfamiliar, Brutes are the very tall and bulk fiends that can typically tank a lot of damage. Since the smaller ones do not count towards your progress, you want to prioritize the brutes, even if you’re being shot at. We suggest not trying to farm the Brutes since they can take a bit of time to spawn and typically you won’t see more than 5 or 6 during a match. Instead, just letting this complete itself as you go for the other challenges.

6) Destroy 150 Ranged Ice Fiends

Similar to the Brutes, to complete this challenge you’ll need to slaughter 150 ranged Ice Fiends. These are the monsters with glowing mouths and torsos, so make sure to focus those if you’re trying to complete this challenge. There’s no surefire way to farm these baddies, so just complete this one as you play Fortnite. Most waves of fiends typically spawn 1 or 2, so pick them off before moving on.

7)  Destroy 20 Golden Ice Brutes

Undoubtedly the most luck intensive challenge so far, to finish this you’ll need to kill 20 Ice Brutes. These are just like the big burly monsters, only they are golden and appear to take more damage. Typically we only found one per crystal, so don’t expect to finish this challenge quickly. Our recommendation is to find places where multiple crystals drop and just go from one to another killing the Golden Ice Brutes.

8) Deal 10,000 Damage With SMGs or Shotguns to the Ice Legion

Just like the challenge above, this one simply requires you to use either SMGs or Shotguns against the Ice Fiends. We don’t suspect this will give many players trouble, but just be careful of the bigger Ice Fiends. They can take a fair amount of damage, so be prepared to use a few shells or possibly an entire clip on them.

9) Destroy 10 Ice Shards in Different Matches

While we cannot say for certain what the Ice Shards are, there’s a very big chance these are what spawns the Ice Fiends. You can only blow up one per match, so make sure to take it out after you’re done farming zombies. Explosives such as Dynamite are perfect for taking out the Ice Shards and any additional fiends hanging about. Alternatively, you could just destroy it with an assault rifle or sniper rifle from a safe distance.

10) Deal 2,000 Damage to the Ice Legion in a Single Match

The last of our Ice Storm leaked challenges is perhaps the most difficult. Even though we don’t know the exact amount of damage needed, you’ll still need to play safe. It’s very easy to get jumped when you’re focused on the horde and not the other players.

We strongly recommend you fly to a remote location away from other players. This will ensure that you can farm Ice Fiends without being killed. Remember to not destroy the crystal otherwise they will stop spawning and you’ll need to find a new one. Finally, try using the environment to your advantage. Cliffs and steep mountains are great since the fiends can’t climb this terrain. It will also keep you relatively safe from other people.

11) Destroy 100 Ice Legion Elites

Just when you thought killing Golden Ice Brutes was the last of your grinding. In order to complete this challenge, you’ll need to slay 100 Ice Legion Elites. These creatures are like the Ranged Fiends, only their glow is much brighter and more intense. They aren’t nearly as common, but they appear to spawn more frequently when the health of the Ice Shard is low. Because of this, just focus on damaging – but not destroying – the shards so you can farm them. This will take some time and there’s no way you can complete it in a single match.