Where is the Kid Korral Dark Corridor in Kingdom Hearts 3

kingdom hearts 3 kid korral dark corridor

As you make your way through Kingdom Hearts 3’s story, you’ll eventually end up at a toy store with Woody and Buzz. While we won’t spoil what happens when you’re exploring this area, you’ll eventually be tasked with finding a dark corridor in Kid Korral. However, the game is fairly vague with where this is, especially since you have to find the open window in the Baby & Toddlers: Outdoor store.

Strangely enough, the outdoor store has a sign that says Play Place above the entrance. You can find Baby & Toddlers: Outdoor on the third floor of the toy store by the video game store. When you approach this location goofy will point out that a window in the back is the one that’s opened for.

Run to the back of the store, go up the wall, and jump through the window. Enemies will spawn in Baby & Toddlers: Outdoor, however, it’s better to just ignore them if you don’t have one of the mechs that Sora can drive. The battle is a bit of a slog and you can just bypass the battle by going through the window.

Now that you’re in Kid Korral, Woody will point out that the dark corridor is in the vent. This will trigger several enemy mechs to spawn, so use the blue GIGAS to fight them off. The fight is fairly simple and shouldn’t give you a lot of trouble. Once the mechs are dead, use the GIGAS to move the blocks by pressing Triangle (PS4_/Y (Xbox One). Sadly, this won’t be enough blocks so head to the back of the room and enter the obstacle course and rocket your mech up to the top.

This will trigger another wave of enemies to spawn, so make sure to take care of all of them. After you dispose of these foes, use the mech to move another stack of blocks. Unfortunately, you’ll still be short, so head to the area to the left of the obstacle course. Use your mech to blast through all the dice blocks and the Heartless that spawn near them. After they’re defeated use your mech to stack the last stack of blocks, giving you access to the dark corridor in Kid Korral.

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