How to Get the Obsidian Radiance Ornament in Destiny 2

destiny 2 obsidian radiance

Destiny 2’s newest round of content has just released and there’s a lot for players to sink their teeth into. Outside of new Exotic weapons, a lengthy quest, and forge, Bungie has added in a special Ornament for Black Armory weapons. Dubbed “Obsidian Radiance,” this item is given out by Ada-1 and gives that weapon a damage boost when used in any forge. Thankfully getting this Ornament is quite easy, but it will require you to be near max level.

In order to get Obsidian Radiance, you will need to earn Obsidian Accelerator which is dropped exclusively at the Bergusia Forge. Once you obtain the accelerator, head to Ada-1 and go to the second tab in her menu. From there you should be able to exchange the accelerator for one Obsidian Radiance. This can then be applied to any Black Armory weapon in the box next to the shaders when inspecting the firearm.

We have also heard that Ada-1 hands out an Obsidian Radiance for completing a riddle that is given to the player. However, since we do not have the Izanagi’s Burden we cannot complete this quest and confirm it. If you do want this Ornament, just head over to the Bergusia Forge and start grinding. This activity has a recommended Light level of 650, so make sure you’re close to this rank before starting the grind.

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