How to Kill Plant Zombies in Resident Evil 2 Remake

resident evil 2 remake plant zombies

There are a fair amount of nightmarish creatures you’ll have to kill in Resident Evil 2 remake. Regardless if you are playing Leon or Claire, you’ll have encountered the majority of enemy types by the time to reach Umbrella’s underground lab. However, the game is determined to throw one more relentless foe at you before it’s over. Enter the plant zombies, perhaps the most annoying normal foes in the entire game.

Tied solely to the Underground Labs – specifically the second area – these ghouls have become infected and covered in a mutated plant. The only way to permanently kill a plant zombie is with fire once they’ve been knocked onto the ground. It isn’t enough to just make the enemy fall and lie motionless, you need to literally burn them until they are all black. You’ll know when they’ve taken enough fire damage because they will begin to smoke and lose all the meat and vines on their body.

These enemies are way easier to kill on Leon since the flamethrower is a great way to take out multiple groups and efficiently burn their bodies. Claire will have to rely on the flame rounds for her grenade launcher. While a single flame grenade is enough to incapacitate a plant zombie, you’ll need a second to permanently kill them. Because of this, we recommend grouping them together so you can use your very limited ammo.

The only Plant Zombies we suggest removing entirely are the ones in the greenhouse since you’ll end up running through this area a lot. It will save you some time, especially later one when you have to quickly move through this section. Remember, any weapon can disable the plant zombies, but you must use fire to erase them from existence.

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