Top 10 Ravnica Allegiance Commander/EDH Cards in MTG

ravnica allegiance commander edh

The next set for Magic: The Gathering is only a few weeks away, so it’s time to see what goodies it offers for Commander/EDH players. Revolving around the Rakdos, Simic, Azorious, Gruul, and Orzhov guilds, there are a ton of powerful cards set to release at the end of January. Keep in mind, when deciding upon our list we are not focusing on Competitive EDH or very niche cards. This will be a look at the best cards that have the biggest chance to impact multiple decks.

Here are our picks for the top 10 Commander cards in Ravnica Allegiance:

1)  Smothering Tithe

smothering tithe mtg

Perhaps one of the most impactful cards headed to the format, Smothering Tithe is just bonkers. Given how difficult it is to ramp in most decks containing white, Smothering Tithe pretty much guarantees the controller three extra mana by turn three. Given how tight mana typically is in the early game, Smothering Tithe can easily help you pull ahead.

Plus, it triggers off every draw, so if a foe casts a Muldrifter, that’s two extra Treasures on top of the one you earn for their initial draw. Since these Treasures don’t go away at the end of your next turn and are artifacts, they are easily abusable in multiple decks. Expect this to become a staple in every White deck not running Green.

2) Teysa Karlov

teysa karlov mtg

When it comes to new Commanders, Teysa Karlov is one of the best in recent years. A Panharmonicon for death triggers is insanely potent and can be easily abusable. There are a ton of powerful cards that can go into a Teysa Karlov deck such as Gravepact, Phyrexian Tower, Solemn Simulacrum. There are a ton of synergies that are possible with Teysa and she can easily fit into any graveyard-based deck.
It’s rare that a Commander can embrace both aggressive and controlling strategies. Expect to see a lot of her in the years to come, as we suspect this will be one of the most popular generals in the entire format. Plus she works wonders with the new Afterlife mechanic, which is nice.

3) Simic Ascendancy

simic ascendancy mtg

One of the first cards previewed for Ravnica Allegiance, Simic Ascendancy has the potential to just wins games by itself. A cheap enchantment, the first ability lets you just place +1/+1 counters onto creatures, which helps you grow the Ascendancy. Once it reaches twenty or more you will win the game on your next Upkeep.

Given this card gives you counters for everyone placed on a creature, it’s very easy to make this reach twenty. While it won’t win every game, its ability to present itself as a threat in any counter-focused deck makes quite dangerous. You can also just add it as a finisher in  Bant “Pillow Fort” deck.

4) Electrodominance

electrodominance mtg

Electrodominance is a removal card that just gives you a free spell – what’s not to like? There are a lot of Red X removal spells, but Electrodominance might be one of the best. Not only does it skip Suspend cards, but it allows you to quickly shift the tempo of a game. There are basically zero restrictions on what you put into play, so everything from a powerful creature to a game-breaking enchantment is possible.

This will absolutely see play in Commander and can slot into virtually any deck that runs it. If you need a good single target removal spell, look no further than Electrodominance.

5) Revival / Revenge

A double spell card, both the Revival and Revenge sides of this card are quite good. The first part allows you to just get a creature back with converted mana cost three or less while the other gives you a ton of life while lowering an opponent’s life. This is a very powerful card and both sides are aggressively costed. Even though you cannot cast both parts at once, Revival/Revenge offer enough utility to slot into most control decks running these colors.

6) Lumbering Battlement

Blink decks are perhaps one of the most popular types in Commander. This makes Lumbering Battlement so scary, as it lets you effectively re-do all your “Enter the Battlefield” triggers once it leaves play. There is so much value you can get from playing this card and it can be a great way to protect your board from a wrath.

Since it simply needs to leave play to return your board, it doesn’t matter what type of removal your opponents use. If you really want to bring the pain, consider flickering Lumber Battlement to gain even more ETB effects!

7) Emergency Powers

emergency powers mtg

Sometimes you just want to refill your hand and deck with cards as a game drags on. Enter Emergency Powers, a card that not only lets you shuffle your graveyard into your deck and draw seven cards but gives you a free spell. Given it doesn’t specify what free card you play, this allows some nice versatility. It also helps that Emergency Powers is instant speed so you can protect your graveyard if someone attempts to exile a key card in that zone.

8) Wilderness Reclamation

Being able to untap your lands when your turn ends has always been a powerful effect in Commander, which makes Wilderness Reclamation’s inclusion a no-brainer. Perfect for multiple deck archetypes, Wilderness Reclamation opens up a ton of additional options for how you approach a game. Despite only triggering at your End Step, this is still a supremely powerful effect that can swing entire matches in your favor.

Wilderness Reclamation is also an enchantment which makes it much harder to remove. This is also going to be a great budget option for those who don’t want to pay $10 for a Seedborn Muse.

9) Captive Audience

Captive Audience is a big, dumb, flashy spell and I love it. If you want to make an enemy for the rest of the game or get some revenge, putting this on an opponent can severely kneecap them. All three effects are quite strong and they can hamper someone who is in the lead. While this spell is quite expensive, it can be really difficult for some players to remove.

We also see this as the best political card in the entire set. Being able to threaten this effect can be a big deterrent for aggressive players or those looking to damage your field. This may not be the most popular card in Ravnica Allegiance, but we cannot wait to see it in action.

10) Prime Speaker Vannifar

MTG – Prime Speaker Vannifar EDH/Commander Deck Tech for Magic: The Gathering!Click this link for the deck list: WE HAVE MERCHANDISE! – Support the channel with Patreon – This video is sponsored by Check out our Magic: The Gathering Deck Tech playlist: Follow us on Twitter! – Like us on Facebook! – Live Stream: Logo courtesy of Kelly…2019-01-12T16:53:26.000Z

Prime Speaker Vannifar is the best Legendary Creature in this set. Having a Birthing Pod effect on a creature with no mana cost is insane. Great as both your Commander or one of the 99, Prime Speaker Vannifar offers up a lot of utility. Being able to just chain through creatures until you get a winning combo will be a strategy you see a lot. Don’t believe us? Check out The Mana Source’s breakdown of just one combo this card can facilitate in the video above.

This will undoubtedly be the most popular Commander and could even branch out into the Competitive EDH scene. There’s a ton of possibilities with Prime Speaker Vannifar and that’s what makes her so scary. You never know what your opponent could just pull out of their deck. She’s unpredictable and that makes Prime Speaker Vannifar very dangerous.

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