How to Assign Shortcuts in Kingdom Hearts 3

kingdom hearts 3 shortcuts

Kingdom Hearts 3 is perhaps the most anticipated game of the entire generation. Some of this is thanks to the fluid and engaging combat system. However, as the game progresses, managing multiple enemies, spells, allies, items, and abilities can be tricky. Thankfully, Kingdom Hearts 3 sports a shortcut system that lets you hotkey four different spells or items.

Unlocked early on in the game, the shortcut system is mainly so you have quick access to spells and items. To assign things to a shortcut, go to the menu and select the “Customize” tab. From here you can select one of three shortcut sets and put up too four items or spells in it. All three shortcut groups are accessible when playing Kingdom Hearts 3 in real time.

After you’ve decided what you want in them, go back to Kingdom Hearts 3 and hold down the L1 (PS4)/LB (Xbox One). This will bring up the shortcut menu in the bottom left corner and to cycle between A, B, and C just hit down on the D-pad. If you’re using a spell such as Fire, you can easily combo attacks together by quickly pressing the assigned button.

Every item or spell can be used by holding down the shortcut button and then selecting the corresponding button prompt. Using shortcuts will be critical to your success in Kingdom Hearts 3 because manually shifting through menus during a fight can easily get you killed. For items, we suggest assigning an entire tab for consumables such as Potions or Ether. These are really important if a battle drags on or doesn’t go your way, especially if your allies get wounded and need to be healed.