Smash Ultimate DLC Fighters Possibly Leaked (Report)

smash ultimate dlc fighters


Data miners have possibly found three codenames for upcoming Smash Ultimate DLC Fighters found within the code of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Jam1garner posted the three codenames on Twitter. The user credits the discovery of the codenames to a user known as Kurogane Hammer and his team.

The three codenames are fighter_kind_jack, fighter_kind_brave and fighter_kind_packu.

“Fighter_kind_packu” refers to Piranha Plant, which was confirmed to be a DLC fighter in Smash Ultimate since the final Nintendo Direct presentation for the game. It’s name in Japanese is Pakkun Furawa.

“Fighter_kind_jack” could refer to Joker from Persona 5, who was confirmed to be a DLC fighter in Smash Ultimate since his reveal trailer was shown during The Game Awards 2018. GameXplain made the connection between Joker and playing cards, as well as the Jack Frost demon that’s made appearances in major Shin Megami Tensei games such as Persona 5.

As for “fighter_kind_brave,” we’re not so sure. GameXplain believes that the name refers to a hero from the Dragon Quest series. The name of the hero in Dragon Quest III is “Yuusha,” which directly translates to “brave” in Japanese. User Project TUSSLE on Twitter said that it could refer to the character Edelgard from the upcoming Fire Emblem: Three Houses since an alleged leak on 4Chan predicted that Joker from Persona 5 would be included in Smash Ultimate and also predicted that Edelgard would be included. However, Game Director Masahiro Sakurai said in late December that they are just beginning to develop the fighter with him not even being in a playable state right now.

Sakurai said that all of the DLC fighters have already been determined by Nintendo back in November, according to Polygon.

Who do you think are the Smash Ultimate DLC fighters? Let us know in the comment section below.

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