How to Get The Last Word Exotic Quest in Destiny 2

destiny 2 the last word exotic quest

A brand new exotic quest for Destiny 2 has dropped and it’s tasking players with putting together The Last Word hand cannon. Tied to the Drifter, users will have a pretty lengthy set of missions ahead of them that will test both your PvE and PvP skills.

You can get The Last Word exotic quest by visiting The Tower and speaking to the Drifter. He will hand over an item which contains the first three steps of your quest. Keep in mind, this is a fairly straightforward Exotic quest, however, you will want to be near max light for the end. Here’s a quick look at some of the early steps you’ll have to complete.

The first step revolves around killing a ton of Hive enemies with Solar damage and obtaining special tomes they drop. Undoubtedly the best place to farm Hive is on Mars, so go fire up an Escalation Protocol when you land. This shouldn’t take that long, especially if you’re using a Solar Energy and Power weapon.m

After that, it’s off to the Crucible where you have to kill a lot of Guardians. Be careful though, as dying will remove some progress off your meter. You’ll need to play pretty cautiously, especially if you’re not that skilled at PvP. Consider using longer range weapons such as a pulse rifle, bow, or scout rifle. These will let you stay out of combat but still get some kills.

There are a few other steps, but all of them are pretty self-explanatory. This is a terribly difficult weapon to obtain, so for any veteran player, you should get this hand cannon in no time. Keep in mind, The Last Word is not in the loot pool and the only way to obtain this weapon is by completing the exotic quest. If you really want this weapon, we suggest speaking to the Drifter as soon a possible.

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