How to Complete To Each Their Own Challenge in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 to each their own challenge

If you are looking to get some additional loot or obtain the Blacksmith Seal in Destiny 2 you’ll need to complete the To Each Their Own challenge. Tied to the Scourge of the Past raid, this challenge can only be completed in the final boss encounter against Insurrection Prime. Remember, you need to grab the bounty from Hawthorne first, otherwise, you won’t obtain any extra loot for beating the challenge.

To complete To Each Their Own, all six members of your fireteam need to destroy a different shield generator on Insurrection Prime. This means, if a teammate blows up two or more then you will fail the quest. Insurrection Prime has two generators on his knees, two on his back, one on his right shoulder, and one on his left ribcage.

When assigning roles, we recommend having the two people in the map room focus on his knees, with the rest of Insurrection Prime’s generators divided among the runners. However, if your group prefers to complete this encounter differently that’s fine. The only requirement is that every member blows up a different generator. Keep in mind, if don’t kill Insurrection Prime on the first phase you will have to blow the generators up again.

Thankfully, you won’t need to switch up what generator you destroy after each damage phase. If you blew up his right kneecap the first time, you can continue to do that. If you are using the Whisper of the Worm, it should only take 2-3 shots to bust a generator. Just make sure the boss isn’t targeting you otherwise he will probably kill you. We recommend trying to break the generators as soon as possible. If your team spreads out in the beginning, everyone should have a shot on him.

Once the challenge is complete just turn in your bounty to get that extra piece of loot and complete the To Each Their Own Triumph.

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