5 AdVenture Communist Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Hello, fellow comrade! It’s time to put your industries to work.

AdVenture Communist is all about reaching that hard-to-reach goal. In order to push your communist nation to glory, you’ll need to produce valuable resources, hire production increasing Researchers, and unlock new asset producing regions. This idle-clicker is much deeper than you think, so allow us to aid you during your AdVenture Communist sessions.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for AdVenture Communist:

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1. Turn the Production Percentage Rate to the Max Settings and Switch Your Focus to New Industries & Asset Production

AdVenture Communist Mobile


• Notice that resource production multiplier/percentage tab in the top right underneath your regions? Once you unlock new types of resource production plants, turn that tab all the way to its Max setting. This method helps you buy way more of each resource that’s produced by all of your personal production plants. Instead of purchasing just one Farmer for example, switching the multiplier/percentage tab to its Max setting lets you purchase a ton more once the meter connected to it is completely filled.

• Once you unlock a new industry, turn your focus towards producing the newest resource that industry produces. So as soon as you get access to the land industry for example, spend the rest of your time tapping the new button connected to the next resource it houses.

AdVenture Communist Mobile


• Chances are the latest mission is all about reaching a certain limit of whatever new resource that’s produced within your newly unlocked industry. You won’t have to focus too much on worrying about the production of your previous resources since your Researchers are now handling all of it for you. You’ll only need to head over to your other Researcher-controlled industries once you get a notification that more Science currency is ready to be collected.

2. Put Your Newly Unlocked Researchers to Work Immediately and Upgrade Them as Soon as They’re Eligible

AdVenture Communist Mobile


• Completing missions and resetting your progress gets you all types of Research Capsules. You can also use the Gold you earn to purchase these capsules from the final tab on the bottom of the screen. As soon as you unlock a Researcher that can do all the automatic production for one of your resources, put ’em to work ASAP!

• And once you acquire enough copies of a Researcher in order to promote them, spend those Science points to do so if you have ’em. Don’t waste your Science on trying to buy new Researchers from the shop – just use your Science to promote the ones you already have. And you should only put your Gold towards purchasing new Research Capsules and Time Hacks.

3. Once Your Production Efforts Begin to Take a Lot Longer to Finish, it’s Time to Activate Hack Time!

• You’ll start to notice that the production efforts connected to the newest resource in an industry is taking longer than usual to complete. A mission may ask you to produce 100 pieces of a certain resource, but that resource is taking damn near forever to finish producing.

• If you have the Gold to do so, spend them on a Time Hack. That way, you can fast forward an hour, four hours, or a full day in order to gain a crazy amount of extra resources and comrades! The method should help you complete your current mission much quicker than usual. All those extra resources also goes towards increasing the rate of comrades you gain from the second tab option on the bottom of the screen.

4. Complete Your Missions and Reset Your Progress Every Time You Rank up

• We’ve mentioned missions before. When you complete one, you’ll be gifted with a new Research Capsule full of goodies! Completing missions fills the bars connected to your current player ranking. Once you completely fill that player ranking meter, you’ll be given the option of resetting all your progress.

• Even though you’ll have to start over to unlock new assets and regions, that process speeds up immensely since the Researchers you retained carry over. So reset your progress every time you rank up. Doing so helps you get even closer to unlocking every region and asset every time you rank up!

5. Fill up the Propaganda Meter to Completion During Every Play Session

AdVenture Communist Mobile


• The second tab on the bottom of the screen takes you to the Propaganda Boost menu. By watching a video advertisement, you’ll add three hours to the meter that temporarily increases all industry production power.

• Every day you log in, watch all the video ads that’s needed to fill that meter to the max. It might be a chore to sit through all those ads, but the boost you’ll get from a maxed out Propaganda Boost is worth all that trouble. By the time you return to the game from an extended break, the Propaganda Booster meter should empty out. Just repeat the video ad viewing process all over again!

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