What is Anthem’s Level Cap?

Anthem Level Cap


Bioware and EA’s latest new IP, Anthem, debuted today for many players and with it comes a brand new world for players to learn and explore.

While a lot of players will no doubt end up comparing Anthem to Destiny 2, another similar game on the market, Anthem does a good job in forging its own identity.

One thing that will feel familiar is having the ability to explore a world as you complete missions and tasks.

You’ll notice as you do this you’ll be leveling up your character along the way when you play the game. As you level up you’ll unlock additional slots for your Javelin so it’s important to keep on leveling up.

If you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering where you’ll cap out with your level.

The current level cap is set at 30 but there is a chance for that to increase in the future. With many games of this nature, you’ll see the base game set a certain max level while expansions and add-ons will raise the cap.

Anthem will surely be a game that receives a lot of support into the future so we can probably expect the level cap to eventually be raised. The wording in the above tweet pretty much confirms the level cap will be raised going forward.

PC players currently have a headstart on every other platform as they are able to get access to the full game if they have an Origin Premiere membership. A 10-hour trial is available for both PC and Xbox One players if they have Origin Access or EA Access respectively but they are cut off after those 10 hours.

Anthem is out now for Origin Premiere members. It launches February 22 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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