Apex Legends Year 1 Roadmap Shows Battle Pass, Legends & More

Apex Legends Roadmap

Just when you thought you had seen enough battle royales, EA and Respawn Entertainment surprised the world by dropping Apex Legends.

The developers of Titanfall have done a good job making this battle royale feel smooth and polished, and most importantly, not rushed.

It’s far too early to say what impact this free-to-play battle royale will have on the genre but the early returns are promising.

Apex Legends has a roadmap detailing the first year of the game and it looks like there is a lot on the plate.

Apex Legends Roadmap

Nothing, outside of the launch, is planned for February but things are picking up in the coming months.

Season 1 is set to debut in March while Season 2, 3 and 4 will follow in June, September and December respectively.

The developer promises more legends, weapons and loot going forward so it looks like this game will be supported quite well in its inaugural year.

What will be interesting to see is what the release of this game will do to Battlefield V’s battle royale mode.

Titanfall 2, while regarded as a good game, released at an inopportune time and might have actually been cannibalized by another EA title in Battlefield 1.

Now it looks like the shoe is on the other foot so it’ll be interesting to see how EA handles the release of both this game and Battlefield V going forward.

Apex Legends is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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