How to Get and Craft Ammo in Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Craft Ammo

Metro Exodus’ world is brutal and unforgiving, which can make venturing out a harrowing experience. Thankfully, there are a number of handcrafted weapons you can pick up and use against your enemies. To use these guns you’ll need ammo which is pretty scarce unless you play on the easiest difficulties. Here’s where you can typically find ammo and how much it costs to make.

The first and easiest place to finds ammo is on human opponents using guns. In most cases, when you search their body you’ll typically obtain a few bullets for your magazine. You can also get some additional rounds by dismantling whatever gun they have by holding down the B (Xbox One) / Circle (PS4) button. Not only will this give you some crafting materials, but you’ll end up with some ammo.

During our time we found that pistol ammo is the most common type found on enemies, so consider bringing a modified pistol with you when you’re exploring. Assault rifle rounds were the rarest and once we got to the Summer chapter we found a lot of shotgun-wielding foes.

You can also find ammo by just opening up containers or lockers throughout the world. This is not as consistent, as most of the time you’ll just find crafting materials. Remember, unless you are using a crossbow, you cannot recover ammo from slain enemies. Because of this, it’s vital that you make your bullets count.

Finally, the best method of obtaining a lot of ammo quickly is by crafting it. Every ammo type has a different cost and only a few can be made on the fly. There are two types of crafting materials – chemicals and gears. Both of these are used when making ammo and it’s vital that you always look out for these materials.

The number of gears and chemicals varies drastically based on how much ammo you currently have. To craft ammo, you have to find a workbench either in a safe house or on the Aurora. Once you arrive at a workbench, just interact with it and the first tab will have a list of all the ammo you can make. Finally, ammo for the Tikhar and crossbow can be made on the fly for the cost of 10 gears, which is nice if you’re in a pinch.