Dialga Max CP & Stats in Pokemon Go

dialga max cp


If you managed to catch Dialga in Pokemon Go, you may be wondering what it’s max CP and stats are. You may be even wondering if it’s worth powering up and using. Well look no further.

Here is Dialga’s max CP and stats according to GamePress.

Max CP at Level 40: 4029
Max CP at Level 20: 2302

Attack: 275
Defense: 211
Stamina: 204

Type: Dragon & Steel

Quick Moves: Dragon Breath, Metal Claw
Charge Moves: Draco Meteor, Iron Head, Thunder

Dialga is absolutely worth powering up. It has the attack power of Salamence with slightly more bulk than Dragonite. Plus, it resists a whopping 10 types while only being weak against fighting- and ground-type moves. However, Rayquaza has it beat in terms of dragon-type damage thanks to its higher attack and access to Outrage and Metagross has it beat in terms of steel-type damage thanks to its access to Meteor Mash. Never the less, this is still one of the most powerful dragon-type Pokemon in the game thanks to its combination of high attack and bulk. At any rate, if you don’t have access to a Metagross with the Community Day-exclusive Meteor Mash, this is by far the next best thing in terms of steel-type attackers.

Here’s a chart of Dialga’s dragon- and steel-type Damage Per Second (DPS) and Total Damage Output (TDO) as compiled by user MarsNeedsFreedomToo on The Silph Road Subreddit:

According to GamePress, Dragon Breath has slightly lower Damage Per Second (DPS) than Dragon Tail, but it has half the cooldown. Meanwhile, Metal Claw has lower DPS than Iron Tail and Steel Wing but has a much higher energy charge per second. As for Charge Moves, Iron Head is on the lower spectrum of steel-type Charge Moves and isn’t nearly as powerful as Community Day Metagross’ Meteor Mash. However, Draco Meteor is among the strongest dragon-type charge moves in the game. It’s second only to Outrage because it’s status as a one bar charge move means that you run the risk of dying before you can fire a Draco Meteor. Thunder has no use on Dialga.

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