How to Do Finishers in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Finishers

There are a lot of ways to kill your enemies in Respawn Entertainment’s newest battle royale game Apex Legends, but one of the most stylish is Finishers. These unique attacks allow players to eliminate foes and rub a little salt in their digital wounds. Thankfully performing finishers is extremely easy, but it’s important not to always do it.

You can perform a finisher by pressing E (PC), Square (PS4), or X (Xbox One) when you are right by a downed enemy. This will trigger an animation that shows your character performing whatever finisher you have selected for them. A finisher will completely kill a target, regardless of how much shields or health they have.

The catch is you are very vulnerable when performing a finisher and it’s very easy to be killed during it. Because of this, we only recommend performing finishers when you are in a safe location or have teammates guarding you. Many of the finishers take a long time to complete, so don’t just perform them out in the open or during a heated firefight. Sometimes it’s better to just shoot an enemy and finish them off.

Finishers can be unlocked by either spending the cosmetic credits or by obtaining them via Apex Packs. Once you unlock a new finisher, select your legend of choice and then go to finishers. In this tab, you can watch what the finisher looks like and equip the one you want. Apex Legends only allows you to have one finisher equipped per character, so make sure to pick the one you want!

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