Fortnite’s Marshmello Concert is Getting an Encore Performance

Fortnite Marshmello concert encore

The Marshmello concert in Fortnite is officially over and it’s perhaps the best event that Epic Games has produced. Thankfully, players will get one more chance to see this concert early tomorrow morning. For the unfamiliar, this event is a mini-concert that features real-life DJ Marshmello performing a set for everyone in-game.

Posted first by prolific Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi (and confirmed on Fortnite), the Fortnite Marshmello concert will take place at 11 PM PT/ 2 AM ET. The concert is located in Pleasant Park and is tied to a single game mode that will be available for everyone right before the show starts. Once inside, both teams are free to kill each other until there is one minute left. This will cause all of your weapons and items to temporarily vanish. You cannot harm or be harmed during the show, so don’t worry about anyone griefing during the concert.

If you missed this event we strongly recommend checking it out and avoiding any videos if possible. There are a ton of crazy moments that are tied to a variety of different songs Marshmello has worked on. You can also still complete the different concert specific challenges, each of which will unlock a special cosmetic item.

All of these challenges are extremely easy to complete, so they shouldn’t take more than a couple of games. You can find a concert poster in Pleasant Park on the gas station wall and another challenge can be completed by just visiting the stage. Going to the stage will earn you the Keep it Mello emote, which you have to use at three different locations.

These are the truck stop south of Paradise Palms, the frozen lake, and the ice cream parlor that’s adjacent from the race track. Performing the Keep it Mello emote at these places will complete the final challenge and earn you a unique icon.

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