How to Get the Fully Kitted in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Fully Kitted

Apex Legends is the hottest, new multiplayer game thanks to its polished gunplay, unique characters, and a plethora of cosmetics. Like other games, Apex Legends features achievements/trophies, which can be earned by completing various tasks throughout the game. One of these is the Fully Kitted, which requires the player to “Equip a fully kitted weapon.” Along with this achievement, there is a corresponding in-game badge for having two fully kitted weapons at the same time.

In order to unlock Fully Kitted, you’ll need to equip a weapon with all gold attachments. This is way easier said than done since gold (legendary) gear is very rare, even if you drop in high loot zones. If you’re going for this, trying landing in the location with a blue circle as there is a chance you’ll come across a rare weapon will all gold attachments.

If you manage to find this weapon, grab it quickly since they are extremely hard to come by and it will instantly unlock the achievement for you. For those that don’t land in the blue circle, you can either come across these golden weapons by killing someone with it or finding the components out in the wild.

The easiest gun to fully kit out is the P2020 pistol and Mozambique shotgun. Both only have two slots and golden optics are the easiest to come across. This is a far more inconsistent method, so don’t count on finding all the pieces you need in a single game. Typically, golden items can be found in supply drops either during the match or from Lifeline.

For those aiming for the Fully Kitted achievement, we strongly recommend just dropping in the blue circle or on the roaming supply ship. This is the best way to quickly find a legendary tier gun. Remember, to drop the legendary gun so your teammates can get the achievement as well.

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