How Much Health Do You Have in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends How Much Health

Apex Legends is the latest multiplayer game taking the world by storm. Dropped onto an island, players are tasked with hunting down supplies and fighting to be the last squad of three standing. What separates this title from the others are the eight unique Legends, each of which boasts several abilities that can turn the tide of battle. Needless to say, there are a lot of ways to deal damage to opponents, so it’s important to know how much health you have.

When you start a match of Apex Legends your character will have 100 health points without any armor. This does not change, regardless of your rank, what character you play, or where you drop onto the map. However, you can give yourself a better chance at survival if you find pieces of armor scattered throughout the map.

How we determined the amount of health a player has in-game is actually based off two healing items. Both the Phoenix Kit and Med Kit will bring anyone’s health, regardless of how low, up to max. Both items list in their in-game descriptions as restoring 100 health. You will /always/ get max health when using one of these items so we can conclude that a player’s starting total is 100 HP.

Apex Legends Phoenix Kit

There are four rarities of armor, each of which gives the wearer shields. Acting as a second health bar, You will obtain anywhere from 50 to 100 shield points depending on what type of armor you pick up. Shields are broken up into nodes, so if an armor piece has three nodes that means it has a maximum of 75 shield points. These shields can also be recharged, allowing players to either recover during or after a battle.

Here’s a breakdown of each armor piece:

  • White – 2 Nodes (50 Shield Points)
  • Blue – 3 Nodes (75 Shield Points)
  • Purple – 4 Nodes (100 Shield Points)
  • Gold – 4 Nodes (100 Shield Points & Regenerate Shields Upon a Successful Finisher)

Additionally, helmets will reduce any headshot damage done to the player. The amount depends entirely on what the rarity of the helmet is. Since headshots do extra damage, picking up a helmet is quite important – even if it doesn’t appear to directly impact your health.

Here’s the reduction amount for each helmet:

  • White – 30%
  • Blue – 40%
  • Purple – 50%
  • Gold – 50% & Faster Ability Regeneration

Make sure to grab some armor as soon as you land, otherwise, you’ll be easy prey for anyone with a gun. The last thing you want is to be facing down someone with no extra protection!

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